Hi there.

Welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy the ridiculousness that is about to take place.

First let me set the scene: We live in a smallish, sort of Southern, sort of Mid-West city. Not too big, not too small. My wife and I are in our upper-twenties (please don’t tell her I told you that) and about a year ago we had our first baby. The events that take place from this point forward are all true, except the names are changed to protect the innocent. Hang on tight, here we go.

The Cast:

Me – Ryan

Wife – Sakya (suh-kye-ya)

Baby – B

Dog – Clark

I debated started this blog since conception of the baby, but since I want this blog to be relatively PG-13, I will spare you the gory details. For those of you who haven’t had the privilege to have a pregnant wife,or been pregnant yourself, you may not understand that no one wants to be blogged about in the heat of the summer while every imaginable part on their body is swelling. So that brought us to the day the baby was born. I had the blog all set up and ready to go, but then I realized that infants are pretty damn boring. They are basically blobs of goo who cry and sleep and eat every 2 hours. Between the constant crying and the incessant confusion on my end, it felt like college calculus all over again. Who wants to read a blog that’s as boring as watching The Notebook and Letter’s to Juliet back to back? For what its worth, we did this twice during pregnancy, and I don’t recommend it.

So that leads us to this point. B is 1 years old and the joys of parenthood have finally really started.

Besides what better time to start a blog when your one year old drops what sounds like “fuck” repeatedly throughout the house?


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